Today it is easier than ever to be the sexiest version of you with the aid of sexy but still stylish lingerie. Lingerie originated in the late nineteenth century and was invented in order to free women of more restrictive undergarments. While lingerie was previously used as a means of support, many women now wear lingerie as a fashion statement.  Currently, lingerie is known to be fancy, sexy and most importantly stylish.

At our boudoir photography studio, we utilize lingerie on a daily basis.  Lingerie is important because it is both fashionable and sexy without compromising style. There are a multitude of different kinds of lingerie ranging from corsets, to bras, to underwear, to garters, to thigh highs, to all kinds of other undergarments that can be used interchangeably to create the perfect look.

After many years of styling women using lingerie, we have noticed a trend. Many women do not know what lingerie fits them best and, therefore, looks best on them. Everyone has a different body and finding the right lingerie that fits is essential. Thus, we put together a list of common lingerie mistakes and the best way to avoid them! Additionally, we help our clients from start to finish by sending them lingerie/wardrobe tips before their session and providing customized advice regarding what lingerie fits the best on them and, therefore, looks the best on their body.

#1 Bra being too large/or too small  Wearing a bra that is the wrong size can be uncomfortable and/or unflattering. It is simple to get the perfect bra size. Many bra stores offer a free fitting service where they will tell you exactly what size bra you need. Make sure you also get refitted every few months since your bra size can change depending on hormones or weight loss/gain.



#2 Bra not being the right style Many women are unaware that there is several different styles of bras. Some of these include a t-shirt bra, a plunge bra, a multi-cross bra and a sports bra. Having several different styles of bra is important so that you can wear the right bra with the correct outfit. For example, a t-shirt bra will make your t-shirts look seamless and having a sports bra will make you more comfortable while you are exercising.



#3 Thigh Highs being too tight/too loose Thigh highs are important and come in a variety of different shapes, colors and sizes. Having the correct thigh highs is important. If you have smaller legs, we suggest using thigh highs with silicone stay ups so they won’t slip down your legs.  If you have larger legs, we suggest avoiding silicone stay ups and investing in queen sized thigh highs. If you still have problems keeping your thigh highs up, don’t fret, use a garter belt. Lastly, attach the thigh highs to the garter belt before you put them on and save yourself some valuable time! This way you will get the perfect look with your thigh highs without compromising comfort.


If you want to do a boudoir photo session but you do not know about lingerie then you have found the perfect boudoir photo studio for you! We will help you every step of the way to help pick lingerie that truly makes you look and feel your best.

Leave a comment and tell us what the most informative step is! Call and ask how to get free wardrobe styling included in your very own boudoir photo session.