Going through a break-up or separation is tough however there are numerous things you can do to make it easier on yourself. We have come up with five ways to distract yourself from your latest heartbreak.

  • Spend time with your support group like your friends or family
    1. Talk to them about how you’re feeling. Keeping your feelings in can make you feel worse. Having someone you can express yourself with is always important.
      1. Hang and talk with your best friend or family
      2. Get them something nice.  It has been proven that when we do nice things for people we love we often feel better
        1. Buy them a meal
        2. Get them a small gift
        3. Make them something like Jewelry or a Drawing
        4. Ask your support group how to cope with break-up
          1. Everyone has gone through a break up at some point or another. Ask them how they handled their breakup.
            1. What did they enjoy doing the most
            2. What helped them more than anything else
            3. What would they have done differently
          2. Do something fun together.  Sitting in the house is the worst thing you can do for yourself.
            1. Go shopping together
            2. Go get lunch
            3. Go take a walk outside
  • See a movie
    1. Easy way to distract yourself
      1. You don’t have to focus on anything but the movie for a long period of time.
      2. This will give you something to think about now and even later after the movie is over.
    2. See something lighthearted and fun.
      1. Try to brighten your mood by seeing a movie that is uplifting…
        1. The Devil Wears Prada
        2. Ferris Bueller’s Day Off
        3. Legally Blonde
      2. Seeing a movie is a perfect way to get you out of your house and out of your head.
        1. Watch a movie at a friends
        2. Go to a movie theater
        3. Go to a drive in theater
  • Boudoir Photo Session.
    1. Relax and get pampered
      1. Treat yourself to a nice day all about you
        1. Start by getting your hair and make-up done
        2. Enjoy your time at our photography studio
        3. Have fun picking out cute outfits to model
      2. Perfect way to reduce stress
        1. You don’t have to worry about anything
          1. We will take care of it all
          2. We help you with hair and make-up
          3. We help you with wardrobe and posing
        2. Gain self confidence
          1. After you see your photos you’re going to feel like a million bucks
          2. Then you will beautiful photos of yourself that you can look back on for the rest of your life.
        3. Fun experience.
          1. This is a whole package starting from hair and make-up, to modeling cute outfits, to picking out the photos to receiving the final photos.
  • Eat a food you love
    1. Something that will comfort you.  Eat something that reminds you of a good time you had, eat something that reminds you of your childhood, or eat your favorite food
    2.  Cook something.  If you like cooking, make something that you love. This will distract you and give you something fun to do.
      1. Bake cookies
      2. Make a meal for friends
      3. Cook your ideal three course meal
  • Exercise
    1. Proven to elevate mood
      1. Science says that you get a boost of endorphins from exercising
      2. If you actually want to feel better, this is a sure way.
    2. Makes you feel more confident
      1. You need a confidence boost. Working out is a good way to feel better and distract yourself.
    3. Go outside
      1. A change of scenery can brighten your mood.
      2. You can go running, walking, or even just do your daily workout outside.
      3. Go biking. Go swimming. Play a sport. Just do something.

These breakup tips aren’t perfect and they may not be exactly what you’re looking for so feel free to tweak them so that they work for you.